How do I get the current time in Objective C?

How do I get the current time in Objective C?

3 Answers. NSDate *date = [NSDate date]; to get the current date and time. Use NSDateFormatter to format it.

How do I get time difference in Objective C?

7 Answers. NSDate *start = [NSDate date]; // do stuff… NSTimeInterval timeInterval = [start timeIntervalSinceNow]; timeInterval is the difference between start and now, in seconds, with sub-millisecond precision.

How do I compare dates in Objective C?

There are 4 methods for comparing NSDate s in Objective-C:

  1. – (BOOL)isEqualToDate:(NSDate *)anotherDate.
  2. – (NSDate *)earlierDate:(NSDate *)anotherDate.
  3. – (NSDate *)laterDate:(NSDate *)anotherDate.
  4. – (NSComparisonResult)compare:(NSDate *)anotherDate.

How does swift calculate date difference?

Date Difference Extension in Swift let formatter = DateFormatter() formatter. dateFormat = “yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm” let xmas = formatter. date(from: “2021/12/24 00:00”) let newYear = formatter. date(from: “2022/01/01 00:00”) print(newYear!

How do I get the difference between two timestamps in Swift?

With Swift 3, according to your needs, you may choose one of the two following ways to solve your problem.

  1. Display the difference between two dates to the user. You can use a DateComponentsFormatter to create strings for your app’s interface.
  2. Get the difference between two dates without formatting.

How can I compare two dates without time in Swift?

It compares two dates and returns true if the two dates are the same (stripped of time). And it is called like this: if compareDate(today, date2: anotherDate) { // The two dates are on the same day. } Two Dates comparisions in swift.

How can I compare two dates in Swift?

let date1 = Date() let date2 = Date(). addingTimeInterval(100) if date1 == date2 { } else if date1 > date2 { } else if date1 < date2 { } if i want to ignore time. e.g. 2019-05-14 12:08:14 +0000 == 2019-05-14 should return true.

How do I calculate hours between two dates in Swift?

The hour property on diffComponents will give you the number of full hours between two dates. This means that a difference of two and a half hours will be reported as two. If the dates are two and a half hours apart, this would give you 2 for the hour component, and 30 for the minute component.

How do you subtract dates in Swift?

To subtract hours from a date in swift we need to create a date first. Once that date is created we have to subtract hours from that, though swift does not provide a way to subtract date or time, but it provides us a way to add date or date component in negative value.