What type battery is U1 3?

What type battery is U1 3?


Warranty 3 Month Warranty
Terminal Type Standard Post
BCI Group Size U1
Cranking Amperage 435A
Cold Cranking Amperage 350A

How many amp hours is a U1 battery?

U1-AGM 33 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle Battery, 12 volt. This is the 33 amp-hour, 12 volt AGM series battery from Trojan. The sealed AGM lead-acid batteries are intended for solar and other renewable energy systems.

What does 35ah mean on a battery?

35 ampere hour is a ‘Standard’ unit of measure for batteries. It means that this battery will deliver 35 amperes at a nominal 12 VDC over a 20 hour period. Then the battery will be “dead” and require recharging. If you draw more amperage, than the standard, you get less than ’35 Ah’ of power.

How many amps is a U1 3 battery?

This battery has a high reserve capacity of 38 minutes at 25 amps to keep your equipment available when you need it.

Is a U1 battery 12 volt?

EverStart Lead Acid Lawn & Garden Battery, Group Size U1 (12 Volt/230 CCA) –

How many CCA is a 35Ah battery?

The Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) rating for this battery is 315A. This battery has a nominal capacity of 35Ah at 20 hour rate. This means if you discharge the battery from a fully charged state at a current of 1.75Amp it will take 20 hours to reach the end of discharge voltage of 10.5 V.

How do I convert amp hours to cold cranking amps?

You can use the CCA rating number of your, say, car battery and multiply it by 0.7—if you possess a 600 in the CCA, you will get around 420 in A-H. You can use the A-H rating number of your car battery, again, and multiply it by 7.25—if you possess a 100 in the A-H, you will get around 725 in CCA.

What does a U1 battery look like?

Groups U1 and U1R batteries physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 7 3/4 x 5 3/16 x 7 5/16 inches (~197 x 132 x 186 mm) with the U1 battery having a positive terminal on the left side, and U1R having a positive terminal post on the right side of the battery (hence the ‘R’ as part of the label).