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Is LACP Layer 2?

Is LACP Layer 2?

Starting in Junos OS Release 15.1X49-D40 and Junos OS Release 17.3R1, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is supported in Layer 2 transparent mode in addition to existing support in Layer 3 mode for SRX5400, SRX5600 and SRX5800 devices. LACP is compatible with other peers that run the 802.3ad LACP protocol.

What is the default EtherChannel protocol configuration on a typical Layer 2 Cisco switch?

Default EtherChannel Configuration

Feature Default Setting
PAgP priority 128 on all ports.
LACP mode No default.
LACP learn method Aggregate-port learning on all ports.
LACP port priority 32768 on all ports.

What is Cisco EtherChannel?

EtherChannel is a port link aggregation technology or port-channel architecture used primarily on Cisco switches. It allows grouping of several physical Ethernet links to create one logical Ethernet link for the purpose of providing fault-tolerance and high-speed links between switches, routers and servers.

What is a layer 3 port?

A Layer 3 switch is basically a switch that can perform routing functions in addition to switching. A client computer requires a default gateway for layer 3 connectivity to remote subnets.

Are port channels layer 2?

Group 1 port channel is a Layer 2 EtherChannel that is in use (SU flag). The negotiation protocol in use is LACP, and the ports bundled (notice the P flag) are Ethernet 1/1 and Ethernet 1/2.

What are the two requirements to be able to configure an EtherChannel between two switches?

What are two requirements to be able to configure an EtherChannel between two switches? (Choose two.)

  • The interfaces that are involved need to be contiguous on the switch.
  • All the interfaces need to work at the same speed.
  • All the interfaces need to be working in the same duplex mode.

How do I verify EtherChannel configuration?

Verifying and Troubleshooting EtherChannel When several port channel interfaces are configured on the same device, use the show etherchannel summary command to simply display one line of information per port channel.