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How do I fix lazy initialization exception?

How do I fix lazy initialization exception?

The right way to fix a LazyInitializationException is to fetch all required associations within your service layer. The best option for that is to load the entity with all required associations in one query.

What is lazy initialization and eager initialization?

Lazy initialization is technique were we restrict the object creation until its created by application code. In other way eager initialization creates the object in advance and just after starting the application or module. This is helpful in case the object is mandatory and in all the cases functional.

What is lazy initialization exception in Java?

public class LazyInitializationException extends HibernateException. Indicates an attempt to access not-yet-fetched data outside of a session context. For example, when an uninitialized proxy or collection is accessed after the session was closed.

What is hibernate lazy initializer?

Lazy fetching (or initialization) is the opposite of eager fetching. Lazy fetching, the default in hibernate, means that when a record is loaded from the database, the one-to-many relationship child rows are not loaded. E.g. @Entity @Table(name = “COMPANY”) public class Company { @OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.

What is Hibernate Unproxy?

/** * Unproxies a {@link HibernateProxy}. If the proxy is uninitialized, it automatically triggers an initialization. * In case the supplied object is null or not a proxy, the object will be returned as-is.

Is eager initialization thread safe?

@Gonan: This is what you asked for. Creation is perfectly threadsafe.

Why is lazy initialization preferred?

The benefits of lazy loading include: Reduces initial load time – Lazy loading a webpage reduces page weight, allowing for a quicker page load time. Bandwidth conservation – Lazy loading conserves bandwidth by delivering content to users only if it’s requested.

What is lazy proxy in Hibernate mapping?

7. Lazy Loading in Hibernate. Hibernate applies lazy loading approach on entities and associations by providing a proxy implementation of classes. Hibernate intercepts calls to an entity by substituting it with a proxy derived from an entity’s class.

What is lazy loading in Hibernate with example?

Lazy loading is a fetching technique used for all the entities in Hibernate. It decides whether to load a child class object while loading the parent class object. For example, we have a parent class, and that parent has a collection of child classes.

What is fetch FetchType lazy?

The FetchType. LAZY tells Hibernate to only fetch the related entities from the database when you use the relationship. This is a good idea in general because there’s no reason to select entities you don’t need for your uses case.

What is FetchMode Subselect?

The FetchMode.SUBSELECT. use a subselect query to load the additional collections. Hibernate docs: If one lazy collection or single-valued proxy has to be fetched, Hibernate will load all of them, re-running the original query in a subselect. This works in the same way as batch-fetching but without the piecemeal …