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Is there an app to keep track of your plants?

Is there an app to keep track of your plants?

Best for keeping track of progress: ThePlantMe In-app purchases available for premium upgrades. ThePlantMe comes with a clean, simple design that makes it easy to keep track of your plants.

What is the best plant finder app?

The Best Plant Identification Apps

  • Leafsnap.
  • GardenAnswers.
  • iNaturalist.
  • PlantNet.
  • PictureThis.
  • Agrobase.
  • Plantix.
  • What’s That Flower.

How do you keep track of plants in your garden?

Garden Answers Plant ID (iOS, Android) The Garden Answer Plant ID app enables Apple and Android users to submit pictures of plants through their phone so you can quickly ID them on the go.

What is the blossom app?

Blossom can accurately identify over 10,000 plants, succulents, flowers, and trees, and provide all kinds of details, features, and plant care tips for each. It also lets you input your personal plant collection and receive push notification reminders for taking care of each.

How do I identify a plant with my phone?

Google Lens Among its skills are the ability to recognize plants, animals, and landmarks, and it works a bit like an image search on the main Google website. On Android, open the Google Lens app and you’ll be able to look through images already on your phone or tap Search with your camera.

Is Planta app only for potted plants?

Best Plant Care App Overall: Planta Planta’s only real downside is that it’s only available for iOS—we’d love to see it on Android, too. The app offers step-by-step guides for caring for your plants and even has integrated reminders for watering, misting, fertilizing, cleaning, and repotting your plants.

Can you share Planta app?

At the moment there is no way to share plants among different Planta accounts, but you can use the same account on two different devices so you can keep track of the same plants. Just log in with the same email and password connected to your account on both devices.