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How do I link FetchApp to Shopify?

How do I link FetchApp to Shopify?

FetchApp steps

  1. Log into your FetchApp account at [yourhandle] (be sure to replace [yourhandle] with your actual FetchApp handle)
  2. Hover over “Carts” in the top nav, and click “Shopify”
  3. Under the Shopify section, click Activate on the right.
  4. You’ll be asked to sign into Shopify if you’re not already.

Can you sell digital subscriptions on Shopify?

Yes. Shopify allows you to click a checkbox indicating you are selling a service or digital product. To sell a digital product, you will need to provide a link to those digital products using the ‘Downloadable Digital Assets’ app.

How do you use FetchApp?

Getting started with FetchApp only takes a few seconds. Simply sign up for an account by choosing a plan and providing some information about yourself, then an email will be sent to you with your login details. Once logged in simply add some products, upload your digital files, then start selling.

How do I use SendOwl on Shopify?

SendOwl & Shopify Integration Simply upload the file to our servers, choose the Shopify product to associate it with and we’ll take care of the rest. Whenever your products are sold we’ll automatically deliver a secure, time-limited download link to your customer.

Can you sell digital albums on Shopify?

Yes, you can sell music on Shopify. You can also choose from more than 4,100 Shopify apps to help manage your online store and sell your music.

How do I sell digital downloads Shopify?


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products.
  2. Click the title of the product you want to add an attachment to.
  3. Under the product title, click More actions.
  4. Click Add Digital Attachment. This takes you to the Digital downloads app page.
  5. Click UPLOAD FILE. Note.
  6. Select the file that you want to attach to this product.

Can I connect PayPal to fetch?

To start receiving orders you’ll first need to connect FetchApp with your carts and/or payment processors such as PayPal, Goodsie, BigCommerce, or Shopify. Since payments aren’t processed by FetchApp, you’ll need to setup accounts with the supported carts or processors before they can be integrated with Fetch.

How do I log into fetch?

I already have a Fetch Rewards account, how do I connect it to…

  1. Tap on “Get More From One.”
  2. Select Fetch Rewards and tap “Learn more”
  3. If either your Fetch email address or phone number matches your One information, you will see an option to link your existing account.
  4. Tap “Link accounts”
  5. Start spending!

Is SendOwl transaction safe?

it offers better security than manually delivering files. it offers a better user experience by giving the buyer access to their goods immediately rather than waiting for manual action.

Does SendOwl work with squarespace?

SendOwl is an alternative eCommerce platform that can be used with Squarespace. It allows you to sell digital (and physical) goods on your Squarespace website and accept payments without requiring complex forms to be completed.

Is Shopify good for selling music?

“Shopify is the ideal ecommerce solution for musicians. As well as bands and artists using Shopify to sell music and merch direct to consumers, there are an increasing number of brands within the wider music industry using the platform to sell things like audio and recording equipment.

Can I sell music on Shopify?

Yes, you can sell music on Shopify. There are scalable pricing plans for every stage of business growth. You can also choose from more than 4,100 Shopify apps to help manage your online store and sell your music. Add Shopify apps to help you sell your beats.