Are Ericson sailboats any good?

Are Ericson sailboats any good?

Ericsons were generally well built boats and the 38 is a very nice sailing yacht but, having sailed aboard one of the boats several times, I think you will find that storage capacity is somewhat limited for truely long term cruising.

What does blue water capable mean?

Definitions. According to a dictionary definition, blue-water capability refers to an oceangoing fleet able to operate on the high seas far from its nation’s home ports. Some operate throughout the world.

What is the best blue water yacht?

Best bluewater sailing yachts for comfort

  • Amel 55. This is the successor to the legendary Super Maramu, a ketch design that for several decades defined easy downwind handling and fostered a cult following for the French yard.
  • Contest 50CS.
  • Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II.
  • Discovery 55.
  • Gunfleet 43.
  • Bowman 40.
  • Hylas 46.

Are Cheoy Lee good boats?

Cheoy Lee made some of the toughest blue water boats ever produced. They have class and style, and were clasic traditional looking boats even in the 60’s. You have to love wood on a boat, but if you are willing to rub it a little, you will have a head turner.

Who makes Ericson sailboats?

History. Ericson Yachts was founded by Handy and Jenkins in about 1963. They began with molds bought from a defunct builder as well as from an enterprising dump operator. After a year or two of operation, they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and were subsequently purchased by Mark Pitman and Del Walton in 1965.

What does Blue Water mean in sailing?

What is bluewater sailing? Bluewater sailing is a type of ocean cruising: it refers to long term open sea cruising, for example passages (ocean crossings).

Where are Cheoy Lee sailboats made?

Hong Kong
Cheoy Lee’s main production facility is strategically located on the Pearl River at Doumen, Zhuhai, in southern China. It can be reached in under 2-hours by road or high speed ferry from the Cheoy Lee head office in Hong Kong.

Is a Catalina 30 a Blue water boat?

U or many the ownership of the Catalina 30 represents the culmination of a dream to possess a comfortable, able, blue water cruising yacht. However you intend to use your Catalina you can be confident she was built by those who understand the demands of the sea.