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What does Lexmark Scanback utility do?

What does Lexmark Scanback utility do?

Scanback Utility is an application provided with your printer to acquire images back to a specified folder on your PC. Scanback Utility benefits: Create individual shortcuts on your desktop for frequent scanning tasks. Fast versus other scan methods.

How do I setup a Lexmark network scan in Windows 10?

  1. Open the Printer Home application located under Start > Programs(All) > Lexmark.
  2. Locate and click on Settings, or click on the Configure your printer below it.
  3. If you clicked on Settings, you can now click on Configure your printer.
  4. Click on the EWS’s Settings menu option.
  5. Click on Scan to Network Folder Setup.

How do I scan from my Lexmark MB2236adw to my computer?

Scanning to a computer

  1. From the computer, run Lexmark Scanback Utility, and then click Next.
  2. Click Setup, and then add the printer IP address.
  3. Click Close > Next.
  4. Select the size of the original document, and then click Next.
  5. Select a file format and scan resolution, and then click Next.

How do I set up my Lexmark printer to scan?

Setting up Scan to Computer

  1. Open the printers folder, and then select your printer. Note: If your printer is not in the list, then add your printer.
  2. Open the printer properties, and then adjust the settings as necessary.
  3. From the control panel, touch Scan to Computer > select the appropriate scan setting > Send It.

How do I scan a document with Lexmark printer?

Scanning a Document

  1. Make sure the printer is connected to a computer, and that both the printer and the computer are on.
  2. Load an original document face down into the ADF or on the scanner glass.
  3. Press Scan Mode.
  4. Press or repeatedly until the required destination of your scan appears.
  5. Press Start Color or Start Black.

How do I setup a Lexmark network scan?

Open Lexmark Printer Home and select Scan, then click and select on Scan to Network Folder Settings. After clicking the Scan to Network Folder Settings option, it should then open the printer’s embedded web server window where you can create your scan to network profiles.

How do I set up my Lexmark scanner?