What historical figure did Iron Maiden song about?

What historical figure did Iron Maiden song about?

The lyrics are a recap of all the major events in the young Alexander the Great’s life, and you wouldn’t get such educational prose as “The Scythians fell by the River Jaxartes / Then Egypt fell to the Macedon King as well / And he founded the city called Alexandria” from the likes of AC/DC.

Why did Iron Maiden write the number of the beast?

This song was influenced by the 1978 movie Damien: Omen II, which is about a 13-year-old Antichrist. It was written by Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris, who explained: “Basically, this song is about a dream. It’s not about devil worship.”

What makes Iron Maiden great?

The first reason that Iron Maiden is the best heavy metal band of all time is that they helped create the sound that would come to define metal, they also have colossal technical skill and they craft amazing riffs, finally they never lose quality, they remain the best of the metal bands from the start of their career …

What is the meaning of The Number of the Beast?

The number of the beast is described in Revelation 13:15–18. Several translations have been interpreted for the meaning of the phrase “Here is Wisdom. Possible translations include “to count”, “to reckon” and also “to vote” or “to decide”.

Is Iron Maiden successful?

By 2017, Iron Maiden had sold well over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide, despite little radio or television support. According to many sources by 2021 all audio-visual releases of the band have sold in over 200 million copies worldwide, including regular albums, singles, compilations, and video releases.

Who did Iron Maiden influence?

Iron Maiden are one of heavy metal’s more enduringly popular and influential bands. They, along with Judas Priest, made the guitar duo commonplace as their peers readily adopted the use of harmonized melodies set against Steve Harris’ mighty bass gallop.