Is Moggill Ferry closed?

Is Moggill Ferry closed?

The Moggill Ferry is operational again. Thank you everyone for your patience.

When did Moggill Ferry open?

Moggill Ferry, 1928.

What time does the Moggill Ferry stop?

It stops nearby at 00:47.

What council is mogill?

Brisbane City Council
moggill | Brisbane City Council.

What is the postcode for Moggill?

4070Moggill / Postal code

Who is the member for Moggill?

Christian Rowan

Dr. Christian Rowan MP
Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Moggill
Assumed office 31 January 2015
Preceded by Bruce Flegg

What is the postcode for bellbowrie?

4070Bellbowrie / Postal code

Who is the member for Ryan?

Julian Graham John Simmonds
Julian Graham John Simmonds (born 29 August 1985) is an Australian politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives since the 2019 federal election, representing the Division of Ryan in Queensland.

Who is the MP for Ryan?

Ryan Park
Area: 204.43 sq km. Population: 74,237. Enrolment: 58,943. Secretary, Keira SEC of the Australian Labor Party, May 2005 to March 2011….Mr Ryan John PARK, BEd (Hons), MEd MP.

A Mr Ryan Park, MP Shops 2 and 3 247 Princes Highway CORRIMAL NSW 2518
P (02) 4285 1588
F (02) 4285 1858
E [email protected]

Who is the member for Indooroopilly?

Members for Indooroopilly

Member Party Term
Denver Beanland Liberal 1992–2001
Ronan Lee Labor 2001–2008
Greens 2008–2009
Scott Emerson Liberal National 2009–2017

How do you address a shadow minister?

First and middle name initials, eg M. I. The Member’s surname. The Member’s title, eg Mr, Mrs, Dr, The Hon., etc. Post-nominals including any qualifications, separated with spaces, eg M.L.C. M.B.E. B.A.