Is IGI as good as GIA?

Is IGI as good as GIA?

GIA is often held up as the gold standard of diamond grading while other labs are purported to have looser grading standards. For two diamonds of the same carat, color, and clarity grade, an IGI certified diamond is on average 12% cheaper than a GIA certified diamond.

Is IGL a good diamond?

While Gia grades the diamonds very strictly , IGL is very lenient . A diamond grades as H-SI2 by GIA , MAYBE graded as F-VS2 or even better by IGL . As a consumer diamonds graded by labs other than GIA should be cheaper since they are graded at very low standards . GIA is one of the good certificates.

Is IGL certification reputable?

The IGL Diamond Certificate provides a reliable and accurate documentation of a diamond’s identity and grade based on the internationally recognized diamond grading system. The carat, color, clarity and cut – commonly known as the 4 C’s of each diamond are clearly stated on each diamond certificate.

Are IGI certified diamonds real?

James Allen does sell IGI certified diamonds as well, but we never recommend those.) The point of buying a diamond with an independent certificate is to get peace of mind that the diamond is the quality they claim….1) IGI vs. GIA.

Diamond IGI Grade GIA Grade
1.00 ct J, SI2 K, I1

Is IGI good for lab diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are certified, giving you important information on Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight, and more. Overall, the best certification for lab-created diamonds is the IGI, because they give specific gradings for qualities like Color and Clarity.

What is the best diamond certification?

What are the best Diamond Certifications?

  • GIA, AGS, and GCAL are the best labs.
  • GIA is the most well-known, well-respected diamond grading laboratory.

What is IGI certificate?

Established in 1975, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the largest independent gemological laboratory in the world, with locations in all major diamond trade cities.

What is the best diamond grading company?

How can I tell if my diamond lab is growing?

Lab grown diamonds are chemically the same as mined diamonds, and one of the only ways to tell the difference is for a gemologist to look under a magnifier for a laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond and determine the origin. Wilhite said Metal Mark does not sell any man-made diamonds.

What are the four most precious stones?

The four most sought-after precious gemstones are diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. gemstone can help you decide what you want to say with your custom piece of jewelry.

What is the difference between EGL and IGI?

IGI also grades synthetic diamonds on a commercial scale. While EGL and IGI are more widely known in Europe and Asia, they both operate offices in key cities like New York. As a result, it won’t be uncommon for you to see retailers carrying diamonds with reports from these labs.

What is the difference between IGI and Gia in grading the 4Cs?

The Difference between IGI and GIA in grading the 4Cs… Because IGI is loosely structured worldwide, there can be slight inconsistency between the different IGI labs depending on their location. As a role of thumb, it is safe to assume a 1 grade color inconsistency in D to I color diamonds between GIA and IGI graded diamonds.

What is the difference between EGL/IGI and GIA/AGS diamonds?

Typically, clarity and color grades of EGL/IGI diamonds are off by at least 2-4 ratings if the same diamond was to be graded by GIA or AGS instead. For example, a diamond graded to be G color by EGL/IGI might probably be graded as an I color by GIA/AGS .

Is the IGI diamond grading lab reliable?

With over 650 gemologists and other jewelry professionals, IGI has been increasingly trying to position itself as a reliable diamond grading laboratory in order to establish a name for itself in the diamond industry. Check out GIA Certified Diamonds at James Allen. So what is the difference between IGI and GIA?