Does Emu Export Western Australia?

Does Emu Export Western Australia?

Originally owned by Emu Brewery in 1908 before the Swan Brewery bought it in 1927, Export was produced in WA until 2013 but left our drinking scene decades ago. Emu was a huge sponsor of footy in WA.

Is Bush chook owned by Emu Export?

‘Bush Chook’ beer, as named by hardcore fans of Emu Export, however, is virtually impossible to purchase in Melbourne. Originally owned by the Emu Brewery in 1908 before being bought by the Swan Brewery in 1927, Emu Export was locally produced right up until 2013.

Is Emu Export a good beer?

THE $5 blue-collar workers’ beer of choice – Emu Export – has beaten a bevy of luxury drops in a taste test by The Sunday Times. Emu Export was the overall winner, scoring 33 out of 40 by the judges a builder, a party girl, a barmaid and The Sunday Times wine writer David Prestipino.

What sort of beer is Emu Export?

Emu Export is a hoppy styled beer that’s crisp and refreshing. A firm favourite from Western Australia, it’s a medium bittered, full bodied beer that’s crisp and clean and the perfect way to end a hot, dry day.

Is Emu Export a lager?

This Western Australian brew comes from Lion Nathan’s Swan stable. The clean light yellow lager was first launched in 1954 by Swan. This beer is one of Australia’s bread and butter lagers providing a clean, fresh taste with a watered body building up to a malt crescendo with a strong bitter finish.

Who drinks Emu Export?

Following the closure of the West End Brewery in October 2020, it was announced that Swan and Emu branded beer would be brewed in either Queenslands XXXX Brewery or Tooheys Brewery in New South Wales….Emu (beer)

Manufacturer Lion (part of Kirin Company)
Style Lager

Is Emu Export a WA beer?

Western Australian beers Swan Draught and Emu Export will be brewed in NSW or Queensland after Lion announced the closure of its West End Brewery this morning. The closure of the 160-year-old brewery will result in the loss of 94 staff in brewing and operations.

How do you Emu Export?

Begin by placing the can of extract in hot water to soften the malt, making it easier to work with. Then open the can (ensuring to spray the top with sanitiser beforehand) and pour into the fermenter. Add the additional malt as per the recipe and 2 litres of hot water. Stir well making sure it is all well dissolved.

Who makes EMU export?

Emu is a beer brand name now owned by Lion. It was originally brewed by the Emu Brewery in 1908 until the brewery’s sale to the Swan Brewery in 1927. The production of the Emu branded beer continued from a separate autonomous brewery in Perth until 1978, and then was relocated to a combined brewery in Canning Vale.

Is Emu Export Australian owned?

Emu is a beer brand name now owned by Lion. It was originally brewed by the Emu Brewery in 1908 until the brewery’s sale to the Swan Brewery in 1927. In 2014 Lion Nathan moved production of both the Emu and Swan beer brands to the company’s West End Brewery in South Australia.