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Who is the killer in power drill massacre?

Who is the killer in power drill massacre?

The Driller Killer is the main antagonist in Minotaur, Power Drill Massacre and Night Watch….

Driller Killer
Residency Branden Sawmill (formerly known as The Sunshine Children’s Orphanage)
First appearance Power Drill Massacre
Status Alive
Voice Actor Uncredited

What happened at the end of power drill massacre?

Endings. Ending A (True Ending/Update Ending): After the player (Megan) gets the three color keys and unlocks the exit door, the player sees a girl running down a long, dark hallway. Once the hallway turns red, the girl stops and the killer attacks Megan.

When did power drill massacre come out?

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Status In development
Release date Feb 13, 2015
Rating (121)
Author Puppet Combo
Genre Adventure

Can I run nun massacre?

The game can be downloaded from Puppet Combo’s Patreon and on The same year on October, the game was released on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Who is the killer in babysitter bloodbath?

Neokalus Burr is the main antagonist of the indie horror games Babysitter Bloodbath and Minotaur, as well as being the controllable character in the unreleased game Sanitarium Massacre.

What is a sugar tunnel?

The sugar tunnel is a massive tunnel system supposedly created by the Driller Killer to easily trap his victims for killing. It has many tight spaces, twists, turns, and dead ends that can easily disorient and trap the player should they choose to head down here.

How many endings does power drill massacre have?

Downer Ending: There is no “Good Ending”, only two Bad Endings. Endless Corridor: The setting of one of the endings. Expy: The killer is an obvious homage to Leatherface, being a masked Psychopathic Manchild who makes inhuman squealing sounds while chasing his would be victim with a deadly power tool.

What is Feed Me Billy about?

Feed Me Billy is another PS1-style horror game from the Puppet Combo team. This game tells a dark story about a madman whose vile actions might be more sinister than imaginable…

What happened to Janie in nun massacre?

McDonnell sent her daughter Janie to a catholic school where she was treated badly, and was abused by Mother Apollonia. McDonnell went to the school to pick her ill daughter. According to notes and VHS tapes, Janie committed suicide.

Where is the hammer in nun massacre?

Found in Stay Out of the House and Nun Massacre. It can be used for breaking the glass and for removing nails from wooden planks that have been used to barricade certain doors. In Meat Cleaver Mutilator, the hammer can be found on the 3rd Floor and is used to break a mirror located in a bathroom on the same floor.

Where can I play babysitter’s bloodbath?

Babysitter Bloodbath is a 2013 survival horror game developed by Puppet Combo. Game can be downloaded from Puppet Combo’s patreon and itchio.

Is the babysitter bloodbath free?

Babysitter Bloodbath is a Freeware game developed by Pig Farmer Games, who went on to develop Power Drill Massacre.