How is MCX gold price calculated?

How is MCX gold price calculated?

There is a standard formula for calculation of MCX Silver price.

  1. Silver Price calculation formula for 1 gram = (International Silver Price) x (USD to INR Conversion Rate) / (Troy Ounce to Grams Conversion)
  2. MCX Gold price is quoted in INR for 10 grams and Silver is quoted in 1 Kg.

What is gold commodity price?

Commodity Prices

GOLD 05 Apr 2022 49,111.00 156.00
SILVER 04 Mar 2022 63,026.00 -240.00
COTTON 28 Feb 2022 38,530.00 370.00
CRUDEOIL 18 Feb 2022 6,924.00 125.00
NATURALGAS 23 Feb 2022 294.50 -5.30

How is commodity price calculated?

Commodity futures prices can be calculated as follows: Add storage costs to the spot price of the commodity. Multiply the resulting value by Euler’s number (2.718281828…) raised to the risk-free interest rate multiplied by the time to maturity.

What is the lot size of gold in MCX?

The following Lot Sizes are available to trade on MCX Exchange for Gold Contract:

Contracts Price Quote Lot Size
Gold 10 grams 1 Kgs
Gold Mini 10 grams 100 grams
Gold Guinea 8 grams 8 grams
Gold Petal 1 gram 1 gram

How do I trade in gold MCX?

Beginners guide to trading gold through MCX

  1. Find and select a broker – Brokering firms are the best way to enter the MCX and one should choose a firm which matches his/her ideals and aspirations.
  2. Register – An individual should register himself in order to trade in gold and is required to fill in an application form.

What is the difference between MCX gold and gold?

30 September 2011 The difference is because MCX trades on gold futures. These futures are for a particular expiry. Gold in the market are spot rates and hence the obvious difference. You can see market data for real time prices.

What is gold MCX?

MCX stands for the Multi Commodity Exchange. You can trade gold, silver and other precious metals along with agricultural commodities like cotton, coffee etc. The Exchange provides secure and transparent trade mechanisms, and works in conformity with the regulatory framework.

Can I get physical gold from MCX?

One can buy gold on commodity exchange and by following a simple process can take delivery of physical gold. on days which are considered Auspicious.