How did Dr Beth Brown die?

How did Dr Beth Brown die?

pulmonary embolism
Dr. Beth Brown unexpectedly passed away from a pulmonary embolism on October 5, 2008 at the age of 39. Today, she is remembered not only for her historic academic degree but also for her contributions to the study of elliptical galaxies and the many students she inspired to continue in STEM.

Where was Beth A brown born?

Roanoke, VABeth A. Brown / Place of birth

What did Beth A brown discover?

elliptical galaxies

Beth A. Brown
Alma mater Howard University, 1991; University of Michigan, M.S. in Astronomy, Ph.D., 1998
Known for Compiled and analyzed the first large complete sample of X-ray observations of elliptical galaxies. The first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan’s Department of Astronomy.

Who is Mary Beth Brown?

D. Dr. Brown began in Rehabilitation Medicine at UW in December 2018, after serving as faculty in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Indiana University (IU) where she was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

What did Dr Beth A Brown do?

Brown (February 4, 1969 – October 5, 2008) was a NASA astrophysicist with a research focus on X-ray observations of elliptical galaxies and black holes. She earned a Ph. D. in Astronomy from the University of Michigan in 1998, becoming the first African-American woman to do so.

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