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Who must approve the D & F for Economy Act orders issued to performing activities outside the DoD?

Who must approve the D & F for Economy Act orders issued to performing activities outside the DoD?

D&F Approval Authority. (FAR 17.502-2(c)(2)). a. The D&F must be approved by a contracting officer of the requesting agency with the authority to contract for the supplies or services ordered (or by another official designated by the agency head).

What is an Economy Act Mipr?

ECONOMY ACT ORDERS order goods and services from other federal agencies (including other Military Departments and Defense Agencies) and to pay the actual costs of those goods and services. The Congress passed the Act in 1932 to obtain economies of scale and eliminate overlapping activities of the federal government.

What did the Economy Act do?

The Economy Act of 1933, officially titled the Act of March 20, 1933 (ch. 3, Pub. L. § 701), is an Act of Congress that cut the salaries of federal workers and reduced benefit payments to veterans, moves intended to reduce the federal deficit in the United States.

What are the statutory conditions for use of the Economy Act?

An Economy Act purchase is permitted only if: (1) amounts for the purchase are actually available, (2) the purchase is in the best interest of the Government, (3) the ordered goods or services cannot be provided by contract from a commercial enterprise, i.e., the private sector, as conveniently or cheaply as could be …

What is an IAA agreement?

d) Interagency Agreement (IAA): A written agreement entered into between two Federal agencies, or major organizational units within an agency, which specifies the goods to be Page 4 DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT GUIDE 4 furnished or tasks to be accomplished by one agency (the servicing agency) in …

Who was in charge of the Economy Act?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s
The Economy Act was enacted on March 20, 1933, during the so-called First Hundred Days of anti-Depression activism by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s new Democratic administration. It cut $400 million from federal payments to veterans and $100 million from the payroll of federal employees.

What is a project order?

A “project order” is a specific, definite and certain order issued under the authority contained in 41 U.S.C. 23 which, when placed with and accepted by a separately managed DoD establishment, serves to obligate appropriations in the same manner as orders or contracts placed with commercial enterprises.

What is a 7600 A?

This is the unique identifier for a federal agency buying/selling goods and/or services. An ALC is an identifier for an accounting office within an agency that reports disbursements and collections to Treasury. Enter the 8 digit ALC. *Agency Name.