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Where is Plymouth Gin produced?

Where is Plymouth Gin produced?

Black Friars Distillery
The Plymouth Gin distillery (formerly known as the Black Friars Distillery) is now the only gin distillery remaining in the town of Plymouth, England, located in what was once a Dominican Order monastery built in 1431.

What is special about Plymouth Gin?

The Plymouth Original Strength brand of gin is 41.2% alcohol by volume (ABV). It is different and slightly less dry than the more common style of gin, London Dry. This is due, purportedly, to a higher proportion of root ingredients, which bring a more ‘earthy’ feel to the gin as well as a softened juniper flavour.

What is Plymouth Gin made from?

Throughout the years, Plymouth has crafted this iconic gin using a unique blend of botanicals including juniper berries, sweet angelica root, lemon peel, cardamom pods, sweet orange peel, coriander seeds, and orris root. Plymouth’s signature botanicals are combined with a ‘buttery’ base spirit made from wheat.

What is the difference between Plymouth and London gin?

Plymouth gin is made to similar specifications as London. Plymouth gin may be made only in Plymouth, England, by law. As a style, Plymouth is slightly less dry than London and contains more root ingredients in the botanical base, resulting in an earthier flavor than London.

Is Plymouth an old tom gin?

Two great gin varieties include Old Tom and Plymouth. Two great gin varieties include Old Tom and Plymouth. Old Tom is a historic style with no legal or geographic laws. It’s characterized by mild sweetness, and not as much juniper flavor as London Dry or Plymouth.

What goes with Plymouth Gin?

Plymouth is ideal served with tonic over ice and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Alternatively savour its smooth taste in, amongst other wonderful cocktails, the Fraise Sauvage cocktail featured in the Detroit News newspaper – a more terrific variation of champagne with fresh strawberries.

What brand is Plymouth Gin?

Pernod Ricard
Distilled in a single Victorian copper pot still with a blend of hand-selected botanicals and soft Dartmoor water, Plymouth is distinctive from the more common London-style gin. A true classic, multi-award-winning Plymouth has the authentic taste of history. The brand has been part of Pernod Ricard since 2008.

What is Plymouth style gin?

Where is Plymouth Gin distilled?

The Plymouth Gin Distillery in the Barbican, Plymouth, England has been in operation since 1793 and used to be a significant manufacturer of gin in the UK. Also known as the Black Friars Distillery, it is the only gin distillery in the city.

Is Plymouth Gin strong?

Distilled using our traditional blend of seven exotic botanicals, but with less water added during bottling, Plymouth Navy Strength is our strongest gin. At a hefty strength of 57% ABV, Plymouth Gin Navy Strength offers a more intense and rich taste than the Original Strength.