What is SAF compass test for?

What is SAF compass test for?

The Computerised Pilot Aptitude Screening System (COMPASS) test is used by the RSAF or commercial airlines for their pilot selection. Areas tested include psychomotor skills, multi-tasking, spatial awareness, and decision making. Other attributes tested are verbal reasoning, mathematics, and physics.

How do I become a RSAF pilot?

Here’s a guide on how to become an RSAF pilot:

  1. Meet basic requirements. The RSAF has some basic requirements to meet before being considered for admission into the pilot programme.
  2. Acquire educational qualifications.
  3. Complete the COMPASS test.
  4. Pass the board interview.
  5. Undergo fighter pilot training.

How can I join Singapore Air Force?

Things to know about Becoming an RSAF pilot

  1. One must be a Singapore Permanent Resident or a Singapore Citizen with age 18 years or above.
  2. The aspirant should possess complete GCE ‘A’ Level Certification/IB Certificate or a Diploma with passes in Physical Science, Mathematics and English at GCE ‘O’ Level.

How long is Compass test?

How long does it take to complete the COMPASS test? The test is untimed. On average, each section of the test takes approximately 1 hour to complete; if you take all three sections, you may test approximately three (3) hours—more or less.

What is aeromedical checkup?

The purpose of an aeromedical examination is to determine whether your health condition presents a risk to safety in air traffic. The medical requirements for the certification of air traffic controllers are layed down in the European Medical Certification Requirements (EMCR) for Air Traffic Controllers (ATC).

Can you fly a fighter jet with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses if you are a pilot. This is true for both commercial and military pilots. The FAA recommends that all pilots who require prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses for 20/20 vision always carry an extra set of glasses or contacts with them as a backup when they fly.

How much do fighter pilots earn in Singapore?

An A levels or diploma graduate joins the RSAF during his national service. He gets an annual regular pay of about $15,000 as a trainee. He gets commissioned as an officer and graduates from flight school at age 21, drawing an annual salary of approximately $60,000 as an operational pilot.