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Do EPQ grade boundaries change?

Do EPQ grade boundaries change?

Assuming that the standards of the prior or concurrent attainment have been maintained, changes in the relationships over time could suggest changes in EPQ grade standards.

What are the grade boundaries for EPQ?


6 Extended Project Qualification
7 Maximum Mark Grade Boundaries
8 A*
9 50 44

What percentage of students do an EPQ?

For one, only 17.7 % of students achieved an A* for their EPQ. That means only 17.7% of students earned the maximum of 28 UCAS points for all their hard work.

How many marks is an EPQ?

50 marks
The total number of marks that can be awarded for an EPQ is 50 marks. The marks are broken down across the four main areas as follows…

Can you get an A * in an EPQ?

With an EPQ you are able to achieve an A* grade, unlike with an AS level, so it can be worth more tariff points.

What is the highest grade for an EPQ?

In 2019, the grade boundaries for the AQA EPQ were, out of a possible fifty marks, 45 for an A*, 40 for an A, 35 for a B, and 30 for a C. For Edexcel, the maximum mark is 54, in one of those wacky moves that exam boards make. However, from this, the grade boundaries are roughly equivalent.

Do universities really care about EPQ?

Do universities like EPQs? Universities very much like the EPQ. It shows you can undertake independent research, which is necessary for all students at university and helps to bridge the gap between sixth form and degree-level study. Moreover, it shows passion and self-discipline.

Do universities accept EPQ?

What is this? Whilst all universities across the UK do acknowledge the value of EPQ and its ability to prepare applicants for independent study, not all universities will offer Dual EPQ offer, as mentioned above.

Do you get a certificate for EPQ?

As internally assessed qualifications, students may complete their EPQ throughout the year. Awarding organisations issue certificates at various points throughout the year.

Do universities care about EPQ?

Is EPQ A level 3 qualification?

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a nationally recognised qualification at Level 3, carrying up to 18 performance table points and 28 UCAS points. The EPQ is a single piece of work that requires a high degree of planning, preparation, research and autonomous working.