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Is despite the falling snow Based on a true story?

Is despite the falling snow Based on a true story?

One part of the story is set in 1950s Moscow, Russia during the Cold War years, while the other follows the story of 1992 Moscow and London in the period after the collapse of USSR….Despite the Falling Snow.

Author Shamim Sarif
Publication date May 4, 2004
Media type Print, ebook
Pages 341 pages
ISBN 0755308670

What happened to Katya in despite the falling snow?

The film is set in the post-Stalinist Soviet Union. A young Soviet woman, Katya, lost her parents during the Stalinist repressions. Though she pretends to be a communist, she hates the regime and spies for the Americans. Her friend Misha, who is a spy, also helps her obtain important information for the Americans.

What is the movie despite the falling snow about?

During the Cold War, a secret dissident works as a spy for America, but begins to fall for the politician she is assigned to steal information from.Despite the Falling Snow / Film synopsis

Who plays Lauren in despite the falling snow?

Rebecca Ferguson
Despite the Falling Snow (2016) – Rebecca Ferguson as Katya, Lauren – IMDb.

What is the meaning of snow fall?

Definition of snowfall : a fall of snow specifically : the amount of snow that falls in a single storm or in a given period.

Who is Rebecca Ferguson’s husband?

Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström (born 19 October 1983) is a Swedish actress….

Rebecca Ferguson
Occupation Actress
Years active 1999–present
Partner(s) Ludwig Hallberg (2005–2015)
Children 2

Who is Marina in despite the falling snow?

Antje Traue
Despite the Falling Snow (2016) – Antje Traue as Marina – IMDb.

Who plays Katya in despite the falling snow?

What is snow made of?

Natural snow starts as a tiny ice crystal on an ice nucleus in a cloud. As the crystal falls through the air, it slowly grows into the classic six-sided snowflake. By comparison, human-made snow freezes quickly from a single droplet of water. The resulting snow consists of billions of tiny spherical balls of ice.