What is the future tense of Aimer?

What is the future tense of Aimer?

Another form of the future tense is the near future, which is the equivalent to the English “going to + verb.” In French, the near future is formed with the present tense conjugation of the verb aller (to go) + the infinitive (aimer). Je vais aimer les cours de peinture. I am going to like painting classes.

What is the conjugation for Aimer?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Future
j’ aime aimerai
tu aimes aimeras
il aime aimera
nous aimons aimerons

What is the vous form of Aimer?

aimer: Conjugation

Present Perfect
j’ aime tu aimes il/elle aime nous aimons vous aimez ils/elles aiment Pronounce these verb forms j’ ai aimé tu as aimé il/elle a aimé nous avons aimé vous avez aimé ils/elles ont aimé Pronounce these verb forms
Imperfect Pluperfect

How do you use the verb aimer?

When aimer is followed by a person, it means “to love” or “to be in love with.” You can use aimer to mean simply “love” with your family, but with other people, it means “in love,” so if that’s not what you mean, you will need to qualify it (see below). J’aime Luc (mon frère). — I love Luc (my brother).

What is the plural form of Aimer?

Nous aimons
For example, in the infinitive (the unconjugated form) the verb aimer is made up of the stem (“aim”) and the ending (“er”)….Negation.

Person French English
2nd Person Singular Tu aimes You love
3rd Person Singular Il/elle/on aime He/she/one loves
1st Person Plural Nous aimons We love

What is the meaning of aimer in English?

verb. enjoy [verb] to find pleasure in.

Does Aimer take the subjunctive?

Note that aimer que and détester que are followed by Subjonctif, in BOTH affirmative and negative sentences.

What is the plural of Aimer?

Does Aimer mean to like or to love?

Aimer = to like / to love. Aimer can mean either “to like” or “to love.” In some contexts, this can make a world of difference as you certainly don’t want to tell someone you love them when you’re just friends, so how can you make it clear how you feel?

Do you use subjunctive with Aimer?

Is Aimer a word?

Yes, aimer is in the scrabble dictionary.