Can you volunteer to work with dolphins?

Can you volunteer to work with dolphins?

Volunteering with dolphins is your chance to play an important role in the protection of these fascinating animals. Dolphins are known for their playful nature. Apply today and work with dolphins at a marine life project. You can help to save these highly intelligent mammals as a dolphin conservation volunteer.

Where can I work with dolphins?

Marine Biologist Marine biologists may specialize in working with whales or dolphins in their natural habitat or at a zoo as part of pursuing an education in marine mammal science. Some marine biologists become marine mammal researchers.

How do I volunteer at Busch Gardens Tampa?

All volunteers must be 15 years or older. All applicants must go through an interview process and attend a New Volunteer Orientation prior to volunteering. All volunteers must fill out, sign, and turn in all required documents. All volunteers must commit to one 3-4hr.

Where can I be a dolphin trainer?

There is a one-year program through the College of Marine Mammal Professions located in Florida that focuses on classroom and hands-on experience in dolphin training. There is also a two year program through Moorpark College in California that focuses on exotic animal training, including dolphin training.

How do I become a dolphin trainer in Florida?

How to become a dolphin trainer

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree. Most zoos and aquariums want entry-level applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a life science.
  2. Pursue an internship.
  3. Earn your scuba certification.
  4. Get work experience.
  5. Join a professional organization.

Do dolphins like being trained?

Captive Dolphins Enjoy Playing With Humans According To ‘Measurement’ Of Their Happiness. A study says bottlenose dolphins confined in recreational facilities are happy to interact with their trainers more than playing with toys or when allowed to do things on their own.