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What is a key wrench?

What is a key wrench?

(Mach.) an adjustable wrench in which the movable jaw is made fast by a key.

Is a hex key and an Allen wrench the same thing?

Are hex and Allen keys the same thing? Although there’s always some potential for confusion wherever two different terms are used for the same item, in this case it’s pretty straightforward – to all practical intents and purposes, hex keys/wrenches and Allen keys are indeed essentially the same thing.

What are the two types of Allen wrenches?

Different Types of Hex Keys

  • L-Style Allen Wrenches. This is the standard Allen key and is easily found anywhere.
  • T-Handle. This is a popular tool, mostly used in motorsport applications.
  • P-Handle.
  • Folding Hex Key.
  • Ratcheting Drivers.
  • Torque Wrench.
  • Allen Screwdriver.
  • Ball Hex Sets.

What’s another name for Allen wrench?

hex key
A hex key (also, Allen key and Allen wrench) is a simple driver for bolts or screws that have heads with internal hexagonal recesses (sockets).

What are Imperial keys?

ALLEN KEYS metric imperial AF sizes Allen wrench is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head (internal-wrenching hexagon drive).

How many types of Allen wrenches are there?

The three most common types of hex keys are L handle, T handle, and fold-up sets. The three common types of hex keys are L shaped, T shaped, and fold-up sets. The long arm on L shaped handles produces more leverage than the other hex wrench variants, allowing for higher torque and better reach into tight areas.

What is torx key?

Torx keys are also commonly known as star keys. Like hexagon allen keys, most torx keys are small enough to be carried in a pocket and enable the user to drive the appropriate fasteners without needing a separate screwdriver or power tool.