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Are polygon road bikes any good?

Are polygon road bikes any good?

Polygon bikes are certainly quite decent. Their MTB line is better than their road line, but both offer a very good value for money. Aesthetics and resale value aren’t great as they dont have a brand name, but I certainly would not hesitate to get one if it were my only option.

Is polygon a good brand?

Industry Reviews This is the most amazing bike we’ve ridden in a very long time. It’s arguably the best performing bike on the market for the price, and probably better than a lot of bikes costing $1000 more.

Is polygon UCI approved?

Polygon Bikes Malaysia shared an offer. UCI approved Endurance Carbon/Alloy Roadbike ideal for beginner and enthusiast riders.

Where is polygon made?

Polygon Bikes is a bicycle’s trade name made by PT Insera Sena an Indonesian bicycle manufacturer based in Sidoarjo, East Java. Polygon operates manufacturing facilities in various places in Indonesia….Polygon Bikes.

Type Private
Industry Bicycle manufacturing
Founded 1989
Headquarters Sidoarjo , Indonesia
Area served Worldwide

Is Polygon better than Trek?

Bike Comparison The Polygon SISKIU T8 and Trek Fuel EX 7 are both 27.5″ / 29″ aluminum frame full suspension trail bikes. The Polygon has more travel and higher gearing, while the Trek has better components.

Are Polygon bikes high quality?

Both bikes are decent and will get you out on the trail.

Are Polygon bikes worth the money?

We think Polygon made a great choice with the 11-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain on the Siskiu D7. It may lack the “cool factor” of a 12-speed drivetrain, but it works very well, has plenty of range, and helps to keep the price of the bike down without sacrificing performance.

What makes a TT bike UCI legal?

UCI Legal Time Trial Bikes If you are going to be competing in UCI events, then make sure the frame is on the UCI approved frames list and is legal. Team Dimension Data race on the Cervelo P5, but in order to make it UCI legal the team has to swap the fork for the shallower Cervelo P3 one.

Are Polygon bikes heavy?

That said, I do think Polygon should spec a smaller 30T chainring up front. It’s a heavy bike with 29in wheels, and less experienced riders will benefit from lower gearing that allows them to sit and spin for longer rather than grind out their knee caps.