What is meant by bituminous coating?

What is meant by bituminous coating?

A bituminous coating is a type of coating used to build a vapor-proof and flexible protective coat in accordance with its formulation and polymerization grade. It is an excellent protective coating and waterproofing agent, especially on surfaces such as concrete foundations.

What is the purpose of bitumen coating?

A bituminous coating is used to build a vapour-proof and protective coat in accordance with its formulation and polymerization grade. The bituminous coating is also known as asphalt coating. Bituminous paint is strong, waterproof, durable and economical. It resists manufacturing harsh chemicals and UV light.

How do you use bituminous coating?


  1. YOU WILL NEED. 1litre of Water Based Bitumen Paint will cover approximately 0.75m² of wall area.
  2. EQUIPMENT. Water Based Bitumen Paint is easily applied with a paint brush or roller.
  3. NUMBER OF COATS. 2 coats are required and should be applied at 90 degrees to each other.
  5. CLEAN UP.
  6. TIPS.

Where is bituminous paint used?

Applications of Bituminous Paint Bituminous paint is applied to substrates, iron, steel, metal structures, castings, asbestos cement sheeting, and structural concrete surfaces.

What is bituminous coating waterproofing?

Bitumen-based waterproofing is a process that involves spraying a layer of bituminous coating on pavements and other surfaces that may be prone to water damage. The bituminous coat, once dry, creates a protective layer on the surface and prevents water from seeping into the pavement and other materials.

What is bituminous waterproofing?

Bituminous waterproofing systems are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. Bitumen (asphalt or coal-tar pitch) is a mixed substance made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof.

Does bitumen paint smell?

It is possible to use bitumen paint for a number of reasons. Waterproofing your roof or other outdoor surfaces is quite easy with this product, which makes it one of the most versatile. Furthermore, once it has dried completely, there is no odor left behind, so it can be used indoors.

Is bituminous paint waterproof?

Bituminous coatings are effective at waterproofing and protecting various substrates, particularly metal, from the adverse effects of corrosion. However, proper surface preparation is key to their performance and effectiveness.