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How many stolen bases does Billy Hamilton have this season?

How many stolen bases does Billy Hamilton have this season?

Billy Hamilton (baseball, born 1990)

Billy Hamilton
Stolen bases 314
Cincinnati Reds (2013–2018) Kansas City Royals (2019) Atlanta Braves (2019) New York Mets (2020) Chicago Cubs (2020) Chicago White Sox (2021)
Career highlights and awards

What number was Billy Hamilton on the Reds?

9Atlanta Braves / Outfielder
6Cincinnati Reds / Center fielder6Chicago Cubs / Outfielder0San Francisco Giants / Outfielder6Kansas City Royals / Outfielder
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How many games has Billy Hamilton?

2018. Appeared in a career-high 153 games with Cincinnati, batting . 236/. 299/.

How many career hits does Billy Hamilton have?

He played for the Kansas City Cowboys, Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Beaneaters between 1888 and 1901. Hamilton won the National League (NL) batting title twice and led the NL in stolen bases five times, eclipsing 100 on four occasions….Billy Hamilton (baseball, born 1866)

Billy Hamilton
Batting average .344
Hits 2,154
Home runs 40
Runs batted in 742

Has Billy Hamilton won a Gold Glove?

Hamilton, a five-time finalist for a Rawlings Gold Glove, was shut out once again Sunday as winners were announced on ESPN. Ender Inciarte, of the Atlanta Braves, won the award in center field for the third straight season.

What happened Billy Hamilton?

White Sox center fielder Billy Hamilton was placed on the 10-day injured list on Sunday with a right oblique strain after being removed from Saturday’s 4-3 loss to the Tigers following the fourth inning. “Looked like it was that oblique area,” Chicago manager Tony La Russa said on Saturday.

How much does Billy Hamilton make?

4.25 million USD (2019)
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