What is the country of Balinese gamelan?

What is the country of Balinese gamelan?

gamelan, also spelled gamelang or gamelin, the indigenous orchestra type of the islands of Java and Bali, in Indonesia, consisting largely of several varieties of gongs and various sets of tuned metal instruments that are struck with mallets.

Which country is the birthplace of gamelan?

Gamelan, although Indonesia is its origin place, is found outside of that country. There are forms of gamelan that have developed outside Indonesia, such as American gamelan and Malay Gamelan in Malaysia.

What is the gamelan and where does it come from?

Across Indonesia, but particularly on the islands of Java and Bali, gamelan is the most popular form of traditional music. The name “gamelan” comes from gamel, a Javanese word for a type of hammer used by a blacksmith. Gamelan instruments are often made of metal, and many are played with hammer-shaped mallets, as well.

Where is gamelan usually performed?

In the court tradition of central Java, gamelan is often played in the pendopo, an open pavilion with a cavernous, double-pitched roof, no side walls, and a hard marble or tile floor.

What are the Balinese gamelan instruments?

Gongs, genders and kendangs are the basic elements of a gamelan orchestra. The reong and terompong may be present. The gamelan may be further enhanced with a set of suling (bamboo flutes), a rebab (Arab two-stringed violin) and a ceng-ceng (set of cymbals).

What are the instruments of Balinese gamelan?

Where do they play the ensemble Balinese?

By far the most world-renowned gamelan are the musical ensembles of Bali and Java, two of the many islands of Indonesia.

How is Balinese gamelan?

The Balinese gamelan is a staple of Balinese culture. Composed of a combination of metallophones, xylophones, drums, gongs, and sometimes flutes, the Balinese can compose and play magnificent tunes to suit the need of the occasion. Gamelan is often reserved for use in ceremonies.

What are the characteristics of Balinese gamelan?

Balinese gamelan, a form of Indonesian classical music, is louder, swifter and more aggressive than Javanese music. Balinese gamelan also features more archaic instrumentation than modern Javanese gamelans. Balinese instruments include bronze and bamboo xylophones.

What are Javanese and Balinese instruments made of?

It consists of 10 to 14 tuned metal bars suspended over a tuned resonator of bamboo or metal, which are tapped with a mallet made of wooden disks (Bali) or a padded wooden disk (Java)….Gendèr.

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