Is there a beach at Half Moon Cay?

Is there a beach at Half Moon Cay?

Half Moon Cay has a gorgeous two-mile-long beach for soaking up the rays, swimming, and lounging. It is covered in sugar soft white sand. Pick any lounge chair you want; they are free to use — or consider renting one of the dozen or so cabanas for the ultimate beach address.

Is Half Moon Cay nice?

It is nicer than some other private islands such as Princess Cays which has coarser sand and some rocky areas. The further you walk from the ship, the quieter the beach will be so if you’re looking for your own private spot, you will find it here.

What is free on Half Moon Cay?

Is Food Included at Half Moon Cay? Yes. Whether you are sailing with Carnival or Holland America there is a free buffet at the dining pavilion that offers a variety of food, including Caribbean barbecue.

Can you swim with pigs in Half Moon Cay?

Your trip to Bahamas vacation will not be better than if you choose to join one of our Florida to swimming pigs tours to Pig Beach at Pig Island to see the famous Exuma pigs. Take one of our Staniel Cay day trips on a one day cruise to Bahamas to go swimming with pigs Bahamas style.

What is the difference between Princess Cay and Half Moon Cay?

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Island size and characteristics: The first difference you’ll note is that Princess Cays is a 40-acre beach area on the southern point of the island Eleuthera, whereas Half Moon Cay is a 2,400-acre totally private island reserved exclusively for cruise passengers.

Can you rent umbrellas at Half Moon Cay?

They do not have umbrellas. They have a thing called clam shell you can rent. There are TONS of free chairs available, didn’t see many umbrellas though. A few complimentary hammocks in the tree line also if you walk up the beach away from the crowds.

Do people live on Princess Cay?

Private Bungalow Rental (4 People Maximum) Live island-style in your private bungalow at Princess Cays within walking distance to the beach. Each air-conditioned bungalow is equipped with ample amenities and includes a dedicated staff.

Does Half Moon Cay need an excursion?

Half Moon Cay is one of the cruise ports where you can absolutely get away without booking an excursion. It is a private island owned and developed by Carnival Cruise Lines.