Where should I stay in Amsterdam for weed?

Where should I stay in Amsterdam for weed?

Check out our list below of the best cannabis friendly hotels and hostels in Amsterdam where you are allowed to smoke cannabis.

  • Bob’s Youth Hostel in Amsterdam.
  • Hotel Uptown Rookies Amsterdam.
  • The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel in Amsterdam.
  • The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel in Amsterdam.
  • International Budget Hostel in Amsterdam.
  • St.

Can you smoke on hotel balconies in Amsterdam?

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam is a non-smoking hotel. Therefore it is not allowed to smoke in the rooms or on the balconies.

Can you smoke weed in Amsterdam Apartments?

Please note that only the smoking of tobacco is allowed in the apartment. If you want to smoke cannabis while on your visit we recommend going to one of Amsterdam’s numerous coffeeshops. They are located all over the city including within walking distance from many of our apartments.

Can you smoke in the Bulldog hotel Amsterdam?

12.1 All rooms at the Bulldog Hotel are strictly NON SMOKING. Our Lounge Bar provides a comfortable and safe place for guests to experiment with the finest plant resins in Amsterdam. There is NO TOBACCO permitted anywhere inside the Bulldog Hotel.

Can you smoke cigarettes in bars in Amsterdam?

And yes, this also applies to you people out there who want to smoke it up in a bar in Amsterdam. Smoking tobacco in bars is fully banned – that means if you want to hit it, it’s gotta be green, or a herbal mix. The exception, there are smoker areas in some bars and clubs.

Can you smoke bongs in Amsterdam?

The Netherlands has no real drug paraphernalia laws, so you’ll see bongs in the windows of shops all over Amsterdam, especially near the Red Light District. The bongs you find in one store are probably going to be the same that you find throughout town, so there’s no real need to go hunting for the “perfect” bong.

Where can I smoke in Schiphol?

Schiphol Airport has not become a completely non-smoking area – visitors can still smoke in Jan Dellaertplein, the square outside Schiphol Plaza. However, we are planning to move the smoking areas further away from Schiphol Plaza’s entry and exit points.

Can you smoke in Charles de Gaulle Airport?

Smoking area Although Charles de Gaulle Airport is a smoke-free airport, there are some designated areas where smoking is permitted.

Can you smoke in Charles de Gaulle airport?