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How loud is a Screaming Mimi alarm clock?

How loud is a Screaming Mimi alarm clock?

120 dB
For reference, 120 dB is about as loud as a thunderclap or a chainsaw at close range. Because of its loud, yet diverse sound range, it allows the Screaming Meanie to cut through even the loudest ambient noise. You’ll never have to worry about missing an alarm or timer ever again!

How loud is a screaming meanie 220?

Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock & Timer offers three loudness settings, 70dB, 90dB and an impressive 120dB. This model can be used as either an alarm clock, or as a sleep timer.

What is the difference between the screaming meanie 120 and 220?

Sound Levels: the 220 is louder and has more sound level options. The 220 can be set for 70 Db, 95 Db or 120 Db.

What kind of battery does a screaming meanie take?

9V batteries
Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock and Timer, 9V Battery INCLUDED

Operation Mode Electrical
Shape Rectangular
Item Weight 0.5 Pounds
Are Batteries Included No
Number of Batteries 1 9V batteries required.

How do you turn on the screaming meanie?

Press the key and arrow buttons at the same time to set the alarm. You should see a bell icon on the screen indicating it’s set. Press the key, hour and minute keys together at the same time. On the bottom of the screaming meanie there is a sliding hatch, slide it open.

How many DB is a phone alarm?

Example of decibels

70 Irritating Television set on loud, vacuum cleaner, several people on the telephone
75 Constant sound Busy restaurant around lunchtime
80 Unpleasant Alarm clock, freight traffic, doorbell
85 Loud Sawing, mixer

How loud is a normal alarm clock?

A standard alarm clock might measure in at about 60dB, but our range of Extra Loud Alarm Clocks include clocks that reach an impressive 90dB!