Where are project settings in SonarQube?

Where are project settings in SonarQube?

Project administration is accessible through the Administration menu. Only project administrators can access project settings (See Authorization).

Where is SonarQube project key?

The project key can be updated (without losing the history on the project) at Project Settings > Update Key. The new key must contain at least one non-digit character.

How do I create a project on SonarQube?

Step 1: Create a project in SonarQube

  1. The first step is to log in to SonarQube to create a new project and then to start analyzing your code.
  2. To create a project in SonarQube:
  3. Log in to SonarQube.
  4. Generate an authentication token.
  5. Navigate to the “Administration -> Projects -> Management” section.

What are projects in SonarQube?

A project is created in SonarQube automatically on its first analysis. However, if you need to set some configuration on your project before its first analysis, you have the option of provisioning it via Administration options or the + menu item, which is visible to users with project creation rights.

How do I remove quality gate in SonarQube?

Changing the Quality Gate for a Project

  1. Open your project in SonarQube.
  2. Go to the Administration > Quality Gate menu for project.
  3. Choose the quality gate you want to use for that project.

How do I make a project private in SonarQube?

If you want all newly created projects to be considered “Private”, you can change the default visibility in Administration > Projects > Management.

How do I stop SonarQube?

13 Answers

  1. if you clicked on it, it opened a new Command window and in this case you just have to close the window to stop SonarQube.
  2. or you executed the script directly in a Command window, and in this case you just have to hit “Control + C” to stop SonarQube.

How do I restart SonarQube?

Restarting SonarQube can be done manually from the command line by running restart or directly from the UI:

  1. in the Update Center when you have Pending Changes, the restart button will be displayed in the yellow banner (see Pending Operations)
  2. in the System Info page at any time.

How do I test my SonarQube code?

Installing SonarQube:

  1. Go to SonarQube community edition page and download the version you want.
  2. Extract/Unzip the downloaded file in location you need.
  3. Go to /bin folder.
  4. There will be different folders for different OS platforms.
  5. There will be file along with other files/folders.

How do I change the quality of gate SonarQube?

How do I fix problem in SonarQube?

The github repo is sonarqube-repair….

  1. You can use Save action on your whole project: Right-click on your Java project source -> Source -> Format…
  2. Right-click on your Java project source -> Source -> Clean Up…
  3. Use the AutoRefactor plugin: Right-click on your code -> AutoRefactor -> Automatic refactoring.

How do I remove user from SonarQube?

Once on the Users screen, find the user you wish to disable from the list and select “Edit” on the right-hand side. This will open the Edit Users window. From within this window, delete the the current value in the Username field and replace it with a name of your choosing.