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How many villages are there in Bhiwani district?

How many villages are there in Bhiwani district?

442 villages
There are five Tehsils in the District namely Bhiwani, Tosham, Siwani, Loharu & Bawani Khera and one Sub-Tehsil at Behal. The district is comprising of 442 villages with a population of 16,34,445 souls as per census of 2011.

Who is the DM of Bhiwani?

Rippudaman Singh Dhillon
Deputy Commissioner, Bhiwani

Name Phone
Sh. Rippudaman Singh Dhillon 01664-243535

Is Bhiwani a village?

This is a list of villages in the Bhiwani district of the Indian state of Haryana sorted by tehsil. Population data is from the 2011 Census of India….Bhiwani tehsil.

Town/Village name Kharak Kalan
Population 12,605
Males 6,697
Females 5,908

Which is the largest village in Haryana?

It is the largest village in terms of population in a single panchayat in Haryana. The people of the village belong to Ahlawat gotra….

Coordinates: 28°45′N 76°37′ECoordinates: 28°45′N 76°37′E
Country India
State Haryana
District Jhajjar

How many cities are in Bhiwani?

The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total.

What is the area of Bhiwani?

1,325 mi²Bhiwani / Area

Is Bhiwani urban or rural?

Out of the total Bhiwani population for 2011 census, 19.66 percent lives in urban regions of district. In total 321,322 people lives in urban areas of which males are 170,460 and females are 150,862….Bhiwani District Urban/Rural 2011.

Description Rural Urban
Female Literacy 61.00 % 73.82 %

How many villages are there in tosham?

108 Villages
Tosham is located at28.88°N 75.92°E. It has an average elevation of 207 metres (679 feet). There are Total 108 Villages where the main villages are: Nigana Kalan.