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How do I change my device for Hong Leong first?

How do I change my device for Hong Leong first?

Alternatively, on Hong Leong ConnectFirst Mobile, tap on Security & Devices > Deactivate Device, install Hong Leong ConnectFirst Mobile, log in with your credentials in your new device and provide the SMS OTP to activate the user and reset your new PIN.

How do I use Hong Leong Connect app?

Log in to your Connect App, tap on Menu and then tap on Transfer. Tap on New Transfer and select Account Number or type of ID. If you are transferring to a favourite account, select the account from your favourite list. Enter the recipient details, transfer amount, other details and tap on Next.

How do I deregister a device from Hong Leong Connect?

(a) Self de-registration – you are required to login to your Connect Mobile or Connect Tablet application to delete the registered device. (b) Hong Leong Contact Centre – you are required to call +603-7626 8899 to request for the de-registration of your mobile and/or tablet device.

How do I activate Hong Leong Etoken?

Please login with your Payment Authorizer User ID and activate your CR token by clicking on Activate CR Token before authorizing any transaction. The token will display the message “SELEC ” after you have successfully created your new PIN. Press this button to generate an 8-digit One-Time PIN (OTP).

How do I change device limit in Hong Leong Bank?

Once logged in, simply tap on Menu > Account Settings & Limits > Transaction Limits. 2. Select from the list of transaction you wish to change by tapping on the + sign. Enter the new limit and proceed.

How do I turn off app authorization Hong Leong?

To enable / disable AppAuthorise, log in to HLB Connect App and go to Menu > App Settings.

What is Hong Leong app Authorise?

What is AppAuthorise? A1. AppAuthorise is a transaction authorisation feature that’s required for payment or transfers of RM10,000 and above to non-favourite recipients on HLB Connect Online Banking.

How do I reactivate my dormant account Hong Leong?

Please click on “Reset Hong Leong Connect” and create a new Password to login to Online Banking again. You may need to obtain an Activation Code from any HLBVN Branch/Transaction Office or via Hong Leong Call Centre to create your new Password and reactivate your account (if you register by Account Number).

How do I pay with HLB connect first?

Connect Online Banking

  1. Log in to Connect Online Banking.
  2. Click on Pay & Transact, select Pay Bill under Bill Payment.
  3. Choose your biller from the JomPAY list, select by Category or from your list of Favourite billers.

How do I activate e token?

Activate with CommBiz app menu

  1. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings then General and tap Date and Time on your phone to make sure the Auto Sync option is turned on. If you have an Android device.
  2. Open the app and select Activate eToken from the menu.
  3. Tap Activate CommBiz eToken, pick a four digit PIN.

How do I enable App Authorise in Hong Leong Connect?