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What is a feat DCUO?

What is a feat DCUO?

Feats are self-contained challenges that award points upon completion.

How do you get feats in DCUO?

You can buy feats using replay badges if one of your other characters has that feat already. You can use skip to 100cr and gain 60sp, that again you can buy using replays on another character. You can get the feats from tcs in a number of ways, buy stabilizers , in game money or building up stabilizers for free.

Can you buy feats in DCUO?

Can u buy skill points?

Skill points are now well and truly available for sale in unlimited quantities. No need to go through the PLEX to ISK to injectors rigamarole, just buy the skill points directly. It is likely cheaper and clearly easier.

How do you get more Replay Badges?

In order to receive the replay badges, Legendary members must log in a least once each month. Please be aware that Legendary members may not necessarily receive their Replay Badge grant at the same time as their Daybreak Cash/Loyalty Point grant. All players can purchase more Replay Badges in the Marketplace.