Who is the best crossover in NBA history?

Who is the best crossover in NBA history?

Tim Hardaway had best crossover in NBA history, Mychal Thompson says. There have been plenty of killer crossovers in NBA history. From Allen Iverson to Derrick Rose to Jamal Crawford, some players simply have a mastery of one of the game’s most awe-inspiring moves.

What is the best basketball move?

Shakin’ and Bakin’: The 10 Best Moves in the NBA

  • 1.) Tony Parker’s Floater in the Lane.
  • 2.) Dirk Nowitzki’s Step-Back Jumper.
  • 3.) Dwyane Wade’s Spin.
  • 4.) Allen Iverson’s Hesitation.
  • 5.) Kobe Bryant’s Fadeaway Jumper.
  • 6.) Manu Ginobili’s Euro-step.
  • 7.) Carmelo Anthony’s Jab and Dribble.
  • 8.) Kevin Garnett’s Turnaround Jumper.

What are crossovers in basketball?

In basketball, the crossover is a commonly used tactical maneuver against encroaching defense players. The crossover move is a way of faking out other basketball players by rapidly switching the ball from one hand to the other and changing direction of travel. This is also known as the crossover dribble.

Who made the crossover famous?

When people talk about crossovers the first name that comes to mind is Allen Iverson. Iverson transcended the move and became its poster child in the mid-to-late ’90s. It is has been 18 years since Iverson unleashed perhaps the most iconic ankle-breaker of all-time on Michael Jordan.

What is the killer crossover?

Killer crossover (aka Ankle-snatcher, Ankle-breaker, etc): In this move the player fakes in one direction, generally with a wide step and a head fake and usually from a standstill. The player then switches the dribble to the other hand between his/her legs and moves in that direction.

What is basketball IQ?

Generally speaking, basketball IQ refers to the ability to just instinctively play the game and adapt to any situation that comes up. Knowing how to put the right play into motion at the right time is a skill that many players don’t instinctively possess. It does directly affect the game and can help your team win.

Who has the highest basketball IQ?

#1 Chris Paul He is arguably the smartest person ever to play the game. It can be argued that his high basketball IQ is an innate ability as opposed to it developing over time. Chris Paul is the first player in NBA history to record 35 points and 10 assists in a playoff debut.