Does RatX really work?

Does RatX really work?

Introducing RatX ®, scientifically formulated to safely eliminate rodents, assuring proven results that are 100% effective against all species of rats and mice. RatX ® is an easy to use, naturally derived, safer approach to controlling rats and mice. It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution.

Will RatX kill mice?

RatX® is a specially-formulated rodent food mix that, once ingested, gradually and humanely kills rats and mice. Unlike other rodent traps and poisons — which rats and mice often actively avoid — RatX® uses a special blend of natural vegetable and cereal grains to attract foraging rodents.

How long does it take for RatX to kill rats?

Once the rat consumes the poison it can take 2–3 days for the rodent to die. Incidentally, once a rat is poisoned it will stop feeding and this greatly reduces the risk of secondary poisoning.

Is RatX safe for pets?

Nothing. RatX® contains no poison, so there is no risk of secondary poisoning. Cats and dogs are perfectly safe as are horses, poultry and other farm livestock. It is the same for birds of prey (hawks, eagles) that eat a rodent that has ingested RatX® or MouseX®.

How long does it take RatX to work?

The timeline depends on what generation of toxins you purchase for rat control. If you buy a first-generation rodent poison, it will usually take about seven days for the rodent to die. The reason is that the lethal dose takes multiple feeding sessions.

How does RatX kill mice?

RatX works by attracting rats and mice to eat the bait. Once the rats have done so, the bait begins to accumulate in their stomach. The special formulation of the bait stops rodents from feeling thirsty, so they stop drinking. Over time, this causes the animals to dehydrate and die.

How long does Racumin take to work?

Racumin® Foam should be used as a complement to your normal rodenticide bait. 10. How long does it take for the lethal action to occur? As with any other anticoagulant the lethal action occurs 4-6 days after consumption.

What happens if a dog eats RatX?

What would happen if my cat or dog ate a mouse or rat killed by RatX™/MouseX™? Nothing, because it contains no poison, there is no risk of secondary poisoning. Your cat and dog are perfectly safe as are horses, poultry, and other farm livestock.