How do I email UNSW?

How do I email UNSW?

Outlook (Android Phone/Tablet) Set up

  1. Step 1 – Go to the App Store and install “Microsoft Outlook”.
  2. Step 2 – Open the app and type in your email in the following format [email protected] :
  3. Step 3 – After redirecting to the UNSW login portal, type in your zPass:

How do I find my UNSW email alumni?

Go to and login with the following credentials:

  1. Username: [email protected].
  2. Password: Microsoft Password.

Is it worth going to UNSW?

I highly recommend UNSW. Everything you put in is worth what you get out at UNSW. The placement program will give you access to business that is not realistically possible on your own. The higher fees are a result of having the best facilities, especially in the STEM fields.

What is a zPass UNSW?

The zPass is the universal password for primary online services at UNSW. The zPass provides access to myUNSW to view results, check financial statements, re-enrol each semester and update contact details as well as access to online library services.

How do I find my zID UNSW?

If you applied for a course directly with UNSW, you will already have your zID, which is an ID number starting with a ‘z’ and followed by 7 numbers (e.g. ‘z1234567’). If you applied for a course through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), you may not know your zID.

What is UNSW alumni?

Being part of the UNSW Alumni community means being connected to world-class learning resources and ongoing professional support from the University and your fellow alumni.

  • Mentoring.
  • Events.
  • eJournal & Library Access.

Can UNSW alumni access to library?

UNSW alumni can join the Library to borrow books and use the online resources and computers inside UNSW Libraries. Alumni memberships are free and valid for three years from the date of application. For more information see visiting or applying for a Library membership.