Are Madewell bags good quality?

Are Madewell bags good quality?

Madewell tote bags are kind of THE best when it comes to basic and cute that’s also SUPER high quality. They’re everything you need and nothing that you don’t! They’re insanely highly rated and the perfect bags if you need to be able throw everything in your bag and just go.

Which tote bag is the best?

Best Overall: Coach Willow Leather Tote.

  • Best for Work: Staud Shoko Tote Bag.
  • Best for Travel: Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag.
  • Most Affordable: Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Tote Bag.
  • Best Everyday: Ganni Medium Banner Recycled Leather Tote.
  • Best for the Beach: Altuzarra Watermill Large Leather-Trimmed Raffia Tote.
  • Are Madewell bags durable?

    Pros of the Madewell Transport totes: They are also durable–I’ve had my first one for over three years now–I’ve pretty much beaten it to hell and it’s still going strong. The biggest pro to me is that it comes with the option of a zipper top–which is essential if you’re a heavy traveler or commuter.

    Are Madewell bags made in China?

    -The difference in the leather is probably due to the fact that the Cuyana tote is made in the US while the Madewell tote is made in China (plus Cuyana is a brand all about producing top quality items).

    Does a laptop fit in Madewell medium transport tote?

    In addition to the classic, there are a few other styles to choose from. They also have the medium Madewell Transport tote which I also own and love. This size still fits my laptop just fine. It’s a tight squeeze but still enough room!

    Is Madewell leather real?

    Whenever I’m in need for a new pair of jeans, staple sweaters or a good quality leather bag, Madewell is the first company that comes to mind. Because of this, Madewell has partnered with PETA and Faux Leather Inc. to create cruelty free faux leather products without compromising the high quality. …

    Is Cuyana high end?

    As a proud Ecuadorian, I thought, this is the perfect product to start with. Fast-forward 10 years and Cuyana is a popular brand known for affordable luxury apparel and accessories.

    Is Cuyana heavy?

    The Cuyana tote is the most structured and most durable, but also most heavy.

    Does the Madewell medium transport tote fit a MacBook?

    It is a great size for every day use and still fits my MacBook, planner and water bottle. I have many bags in the transport collection and this is a great addition.

    Where does Madewell leather come from?

    LEATHER All leather must be a byproduct of the meat industry. EXOTIC SKINS FREE Madewell does not use real exotic animal skins, including but not limited to: snake, alligator, crocodile and lizard, fish and marine mammals.