What is the railway fare from Lahore to Karachi?

What is the railway fare from Lahore to Karachi?

Lahore To Karachi Station Railway Train Fare

Train Name Economy Seat A.C Sleeper
Shah Hussain Exp 2000/- 7500/-
Pak Business Exp 1950/- 7300/-
Shalimar Express 1750/- 3650/-(Parlor)
Tezgam 1550/- 6750/-

What is train economy berth?

EC – Economy Class Similar to First Class Sleeper, but the seats to the side are only for sitting, not sleeping.

Which train is best for Rawalpindi to Lahore?

Rawal Express
Rawal Express (Urdu: راول ایکسپریس) is a passenger train operated daily by Pakistan Railways between Lahore and Rawalpindi. The trip takes approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes to cover a published distance of 290 kilometres (180 mi), traveling along a stretch of the Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line.

How much is a train ticket?

How many persons can be in one ticket?

Class Min Dist for Charge (Kms) Basic Fare at Min Dist (INR)
1 2 3
Second Class 50 29
Sleeper Class 200 120
AC Chair Car 150 205

Can we go Pakistan by train?

The Samjhauta Express ( transl. Friendship Express) is a bi-weekly train — Thursday and Monday — that runs between Delhi and Attari in India and Lahore in Pakistan….Samjhauta Express.

First service July 22, 1976
Last service August 8, 2019
Current operator(s) Northern Railway zone of Indian Railways & Pakistan Railways

What is the timing of train Lahore to Rawalpindi?

List of Train Fares From Lahore Junction to Rawalpindi

Train Name Departure Time Destination Arrival Time
Rawal Express 12:30 AM 4:45 AM
Khyber Mail 7:45 PM 1:20 AM
Jaffar Express 8:25 AM 2:00 PM
Islamabad Express 6:00 PM 10:20 PM