What is a square pie chart called?

What is a square pie chart called?

Square charts, also called waffle charts, are a form of pie charts that use squares instead of circles to represent percentages. Similar to basic circular pie charts, square pie charts take each percentage out of a total 100%.

How do I create a waffle chart in Excel?

Steps to Create a Waffle Chart in Excel

  1. Select the entire grid and go to → Home Tab → Styles →Conditional Formatting → New Rule.
  2. In the new rule window, select “Format only cells that contain”.
  3. Now in “format only cells with” specify the values 0 as a minimum and $M$4 as maximum values.

How do you make a 2D pie chart in Excel 2016?


  1. In your spreadsheet, select the data to use for your pie chart.
  2. Click Insert > Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart, and then pick the chart you want.
  3. Click the chart and then click the icons next to the chart to add finishing touches:

What is pie chart in Excel?

Pie chart is a type of circular excel chart which represents the visualization of data in circular format, in this circular chart every category of data has its own part and all the categories make it as a whole circular data, pie chart is a good type of chart for representation but there is a limitation to pie chart …

How do I create a stacked area chart in Excel?

Creating a Stacked Area Chart

  1. Select the entire dataset (A1:D6)
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. In the Chart group, click on the ‘Insert Line or Area Chart’ icon.
  4. In the 2-D Area category, click on Stacked Area.

How do you make a 2D pie chart with non adjacent ranges?

Non-Contiguous Chart Ranges

  1. First, use the mouse to select the data in column A. Excel surrounds the data with a marquee.
  2. Then, hold down the Ctrl key while you click with the mouse again, and drag to select the data in columns C and D.
  3. Now choose Insert Charts, and then pick the appropriate chart type.