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How many professional football clubs are there in Italy?

How many professional football clubs are there in Italy?

The Italian football league system, also known as the Italian football pyramid, refers to the hierarchically interconnected league system for the association football in Italy, that consists of 594 divisions having 3332 teams (excluding Seconda and Terza Categoria), in which all divisions are bound together by the …

How much do Serie D players make?

The average salary in Serie D is about 1,000 euros a month. Some vets, perhaps like Tajarol, get kicked a little extra.

What does FIGC stand for?


Acronym Definition
FIGC Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (Italian Football Association)
FIGC Fornebu Indoor Golf Center (Snaroya, Norway)
FIGC Forest Indicators of Global Change (Canada)

What is the category of the league division that include Serie D teams?

Serie D ranks just below Serie C (the third and last professional league since 2014–15), and is thus considered the fourth-ranked league in the country. It is organized by the Roman Comitato Interregionale (Interregional Committee), a “league in the league” inside the LND.

Which football club is located in Italy?

Serie A

Team Home city Seasons of Serie A
Internazionale Milan 90
Juventus Turin 89
Lazio Rome 79
Milan Milan 88

How much do footballers earn in Italy?

In the selected season, the average annual pay of Juventus FC’s first-team players was approximately 10.1 million dollars, the highest wage among the Serie A soccer teams. AS Roma ranked second in the list, with an average salary of 4.49 million dollars per player….

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Who owns the Italian national soccer team?

Serie A

Club Owner(s) Net worth
Juventus Agnelli family via EXOR (63.77%) $15B
Lazio Claudio Lotito (66.70%) $100M
Milan Elliott Management Corporation (99%) $4.3B
Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis via Filmauro (100%) $200M