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Is a bucket truck a good investment?

Is a bucket truck a good investment?

Simple fact: used bucket trucks cost less than new ones do. Yet, they perform just as well, saving you potentially thousands of dollars. New bucket trucks sometimes need to accumulate thousands of miles before they achieve this optimum performance. When you buy used bucket trucks, you save yourself that trouble.

How much does a bucket truck cost?

Expect to pay $37,000 to $140,000 for a standard light-duty bucket truck that’s used for routine facilities maintenance, utility service, or something similar. Heavy-duty trucks used for construction, forestry, and a range of other tasks at elevated heights run between $84,000 and $370,000.

How much does a utility bucket truck cost?

Generally, a bucket truck that can take its bucket to between 15 and 160 feet goes for between $80,000 and $450,000. The higher it can go the more expensive it is. The cost of renting a bucket lift also mainly depends on the model, how high it can go, and the time you need it for.

What is the difference between a boom truck and a bucket truck?

A bucket truck, or boom truck, as the name suggests is mounted on a vehicle. Sometimes it may also be installed on a van, in which case it is called a bucket van. Some bucket trucks come equipped to lift materials and supplies to the worker. However, a boom truck typically cannot reach as high.

How do bucket trucks make money?

Here are three ways you can put your bucket truck to good use and make some extra cash this winter.

  1. Installing Holiday Lights. If you live in an area where holiday decorations are a big thing, you might want to put your truck to use for lighting and decoration assistance.
  2. Photography for Large Groups.
  3. Gutter Cleaning.

How high can a bucket truck go?

Bucket trucks that can reach from between 29 and 45 feet are among the most common kind of service vehicle for telecommunications and electric power distribution service providers. At this range of heights, our bucket trucks are available in a variety of configurations.

How much can you make with a bucket truck?

How much does a Bucket Operator make in USA? The average bucket operator salary in the USA is $50,700 per year or $26 per hour. Entry level positions start at $41,642 per year while most experienced workers make up to $70,200 per year.

Can a bucket truck tip over?

While bucket trucks are fairly simple to operate, they do present a unique set of hazards, including a risk for falls, the potential for tipping over, as well as increased possibilities for collision with other stationary or moving objects and contact with electric power wires.