What was the other car in the Bullitt chase scene?

What was the other car in the Bullitt chase scene?

Two Mustangs and two Dodge Chargers were used for the famous chase scene. Both Mustangs were owned by the Ford Motor Company and part of a promotional loan agreement with Warner Brothers. The cars were modified for the high-speed chase by veteran auto racer Max Balchowsky.

Where was the chase scene in Bullitt filmed?

San Francisco
Taylor & Vallejo Sts., Russian Hill, San Francisco, California, USA (start of the downhill chase scene culminating at Taylor and Filbert Sts.)

Who drove the car in the chase scene in Bullitt?

Steve McQueen
(Reuters) – The 1968 Ford Mustang GT that Steve McQueen drove in the classic car chase from the movie “Bullitt, one of the most famed cars from American cinema, sold for $3.4 million at auction in Florida on Friday, Mecum Auctions said.

How was the Bullitt chase scene filmed?

You would rehearse it once- it’s got to be choreographed- then you would rehearse it again, and if it looked good, they shot it. You rehearsed at about 1/4 speed or 1/2 speed, then you went in to film it at full speed.” For the in-car scenes, two cameras were mounted in the cars and painted black.

What happened to the Bullitt Charger?

The blue Charger was said to be used for the gas station crash scene. During production the Charger completely missed the gas station and you can see it in the film as it tumbles into a cloud of dust behind the station as McQueen drives past it on the highway.

Did Steve McQueen Drive in bullet?

Although Steve McQueen was credited with the driving during the chase sequence, it was actually shared by McQueen and Bud Ekins, one of Hollywood’s best stunt drivers. Stunt coordinator Carey Loftin got Bud Ekins to drive the Mustang for the bulk of the stunts.

What Dodge Charger was in Bullitt?

1968 Dodge Charger
The Infamous 1968 Dodge Charger Usually, the standout car from a film is driven by the star of the movie. In Bullitt, this wasn’t the case. The Dodge Charger was the most talked about car from the film, and it happened to be driven by the bad guy—a hitman played by Hollywood stuntman Bill Hickman.