Who rode Makybe Diva in Melbourne Cup?

Who rode Makybe Diva in Melbourne Cup?

Glen Boss
Glen Boss — who rode Makybe Diva to three consecutive Melbourne Cup wins — has announced he will retire after a Caulfield race meeting this weekend.

Who was the jockey of Makybe Diva?

Jockey Glen Boss
Superstar Jockey Glen Boss On Seeing Makybe Diva For The First Time In 13 Years.

Who owns Makybe Diva?

fisherman Tony Šantić
Makybe Diva is owned by South Australian tuna fisherman Tony Šantić, who named her after five of his employees – Maureen, Kylie, Belinda, Diane, and Vanessa – by taking the first two letters from each of their names….

Makybe Diva
Colour Bay
Breeder Emily Krstina Pty Ltd
Owner Tony Šantić
Trainer David Hall, Lee Freedman

Is jockey Robert Thompson still riding?

The 63-year-old’s last ride was on July 3 at Port Macquarie and he said on Sky Sports Radio on Tuesday that retirement had been on his mind for a while but when Covid caused him to abandon plans to attend the Cairns Amateurs in September he decided it was the right time.

How old is Makybe?

Makybe Diva (foaled 21 March 1999) is a champion Australian Thoroughbred racehorse who is the only horse to win three Melbourne Cups and the only mare to win it more than once….

Makybe Diva
Sex Mare
Foaled 21 March 1999 Somerset, United Kingdom
Country Great Britain
Colour Bay

What is Makybe Diva worth?

This filly, later named La Dolce Diva, sold at auction for $1.2 million to trainer Mark Kavanagh of Melbourne. Makybe Diva had a colt on 28 August 2009 by Encosta De Lago and was covered by More Than Ready for the 2010 season, but she did not produce a foal in 2010.