What is interference of light Slideshare?

What is interference of light Slideshare?

6. INTERFERENCE is the process in which two or more waves of the same frequency – be it light, sound, or other electromagnetic waves – either reinforce or cancel each other, the amplitude of the resulting wave being equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the combining waves.

What is light interference waves?

When two light waves from different coherent sources meet together, then the distribution of energy due to one wave is disturbed by the other. This modification in the distribution of light energy due to super- position of two light waves is called ‘Interference of light’.

What is the principle of interference of light?

Interference is the phenomenon in which two waves superpose to form the resultant wave of the lower, higher or same amplitude. The most commonly seen interference is the optical interference or light interference. This is because light waves are randomly generated every which way by most sources.

What are the conditions of interference of light waves?

(i) In interference the source of light should be monochromatic. (ii) Here waves should be of the same frequency. (iii) Direction of waves should also be the same. (iv) The amplitudes of both the waves should also be the same.

How constructive and destructive interference are formed?

Constructive interference occurs when two waves add together in superposition, creating a wave with cumulatively higher amplitude, as shown in. In destructive interference, the two waves add together but cancel out (like adding a positive and negative number).

What is diffraction PPT?

Diffraction. Diffraction

  • When waves encounter obstacles, the bending of waves around the edges of an obstacle is called “DIFFRACTION”.

    How many types of light interference are there?

    two types
    Interference definition This phenomenon is called interference of light waves.”There are two types of interference of light: Constructive interference. Destructive interference.

    What are the uses of interference?

    In optical testing, interference is used in testing surface quality like: flat surface, spherical surface, roughness of surface etc. Whereas in space applications include Radio astronomy, measuring light intensity, in retrieving images from the telescopes.

    What is main principle used in interference?

    Explanation: Superposition principle is the basic principle used in the interference of light. When the incoming light waves superimpose constructively, the intensity increases while when they add destructively, it decreases.

    What are the different types of interference?

    So there are two types of the following interference:

    • Constructive Interference of Light.
    • Destructive interference of Light.