Why did Saboor sell pari?

Why did Saboor sell pari?

Their older brother, Nabi, left to work for Mr. Wahdati, a wealthy man in Kabul, and became infatuated with his wife, Nila. After Nila expressed dismay about her inability to have children, Nabi arranged for Pari to be sold to the couple, because Parwana has given birth to a son and Saboor cannot support 3 children.

What made Nila say that Pari is her punishment?

She then says, abruptly, that she hated her husband because he was in love with his chauffeur. As a result, she packed her bags and brought her daughter to Paris. She explains that her daughter can be “breathtakingly thoughtless,” and that she’s Nila’s “punishment.”

Who was masooma supposed to marry?

Although Masooma has planned to marry Saboor, Parwana’s connivances cause Masooma to become an invalid for the rest of her life (though she doesn’t know her sister is responsible for her injury). At the end of her life, Masooma tells Parwana to marry Saboor and leave her to fend for herself.

Why did Nila marry Suleiman Why did Suleiman marry nila?

Suleiman may have married Nila because he knew she would eventually become a locus of Nabi’s desire, which indeed happened instantly. As long as he could keep Nabi interested, he could keep him around. Their marriage was an acceptable solution for both partners.

Why did Nila move to Paris with pari?

The beautiful, troubled wife of Mr. Wahdati to adopt Pari as her own child, Mrs. Wahdati moves to Paris with Pari, where she begins her a career as a poet, and begins to resent her new daughter.

Is Nila Wahdati real?

In creating Nila Wahdati’s story and its backdrop, Hosseini seems to have drawn inspiration from a real, far-reaching historical saga that deserves a novel or two of its own: the centuries-long, ongoing struggle of Afghanistan’s female poets, who have enjoyed eras of flourishing freedom of expression and endured eras …