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Who owns Royal Oak brewery?

Who owns Royal Oak brewery?

Drew Ciora –
Drew Ciora – Owner – The Royal Oak Brewery | LinkedIn.

Who bought ROAK brewery?

The season of brewery mergers is surging ahead. Royal Oak’s Roak Brewing has struck a deal to acquire popular Marshall-based beer maker Dark Horse Brewing Company. Dark Horse has submitted plans to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for a transfer of ownership to Roak, WWMT reports.

When did Royal Oak brewery open?

The Royal Oak Brewery, established in 1995, is Oakland County’s oldest brewpub. Located one block east of Main Street, it has become an area institution. The comfortable atmosphere and hometown feel make it a destination for locals and visitors alike.

When did Eastern Market Brewing open?

Eastern Market Brewing Co. opened in 2017 out of a 2,500-square-foot brewery and taproom space at 2515 Riopelle and has since greatly expanded its footprint across metro Detroit.

Who bought Dark Horse Brewery?

Roak Brewing Co.
In 2019, with $12,018 in unpaid property taxes and $1.5 million in unmet mortgage payments, Dark Horse was purchased by Roak Brewing Co. of Royal Oak, Michigan.

Is ROAK closed?

ROAK Brewing Company announced Monday that it will not reopen its taproom in Royal Oak. Instead, all brewing will be moving to the company’s Marshall brewery facility. ROAK acquired Marshall-based Dark Horse Brewing in 2019.

Is Eastern Market Open this weekend?

Saturday Market – 6am-4pm, Weekly, Year-Round. Plenty of businesses in our neighborhood are open seven days/week! Check our directory for more info.

What happened to Dark Horse Brewery?

— Marshall-based Dark Horse Brewing is tied up in legal battle over failure to pay its mortgage and records show the company has been delinquent in paying its property taxes to the city of Marshall. A merger announced this week with Royal Oak-based Roak Brewing might provide a solution for the brewery’s financial woes.

When did Dark Horse Open?

Dark Horse first opened a brewpub in 1997 and built its current taproom and beer garden on Kalamazoo Avenue in 2000.

Who owns Dark Horse Brewery?

Roak Brewing Company
Dark Horse Brewery

Industry Alcoholic beverage
Headquarters Marshall, Michigan
Products Beer
Owner Roak Brewing Company