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How many Grand Traverse pie companies are there?

How many Grand Traverse pie companies are there?

15 locations
We now have 15 locations throughout Michigan and Indiana for your dining pleasure. We’re bringing PIE to the PEOPLE!

How much is a pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company?

$35.99 EA. Our top-selling pie made with tart Michigan Montmorency cherries, sweetened up with love and a toasty crumb topping.

Where can I buy Achatz pies?

30301 COMMERCE BLVD, CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI 48051. (586) 749-2882.

  • 45159 MARKET ST.
  • 960 N LAPEER RD.
  • 17736 W 13 MILE RD.
  • 1063 E LONG LAKE.
  • 75700 NORTH AVE.
  • Can I send a pie to someone?

    Send pie by mail overnight As they are perishable, pies should be refrigerated to maintain freshness. Overnight delivery is a popular option when sending a pie in the mail because it guarantees that the pie will arrive fresh to its destinations.

    How long are Grand Traverse pies good for?

    How long are my pies good for? Our pies will have a 3-day shelf life once they arrive. Fruit Pies do best on the counter at room temperature – we do not recommend refrigerating them. Our Cream, Pumpkin and Pecan Pies should be stored in the refrigerator for those 3 days.

    What is gluten free at Grand Traverse pie Company?

    We now offer gluten-free cherry crumb, apple crumb, and chocolate cream available in our six inch mini pies. Come in and try one for yourself. You don’t need to be on a gluten-free diet to love these. Like our gluten-free cherry and apple crumb pies, the chocolate cream pie is made with a handmade shortbread crust.

    Is Grand Traverse Pie Company a franchise?

    Once established as a bakery-café, Grand Traverse Pie started franchising. The company grew the fastest in 2004 and 2005, right after it started franchising and before the recession began.

    Who owns Traverse City pie?

    Mike & Denise Busley
    Our History There was a time when our Grand Traverse Pie Company owners, Mike & Denise Busley, knew little about making pie. In the mid-90s, the Michigan natives had been living in San Diego with busy careers and two children, but as they approached 40, they felt something was missing.