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What is lovage Leaf?

What is lovage Leaf?

Lovage (Levisticum officinale Koch.) is an herbal supplement native to the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe. The dark-green leaves of the lovage plant resemble cilantro and Italian parsley in shape and color, and its stalks are often compared to celery stalks (in appearance and, to a lesser extent, in flavor).

What is sage in Urdu?

1) sage. Noun. A mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom. متقی نیک و کار

What is the meaning of lovage?

Definition of lovage : any of several aromatic perennial herbs of the carrot family especially : a European herb (Levisticum officinale) sometimes cultivated for use in medicine especially as a diuretic and in cookery usually as a flavoring agent.

What is the of Sage?

1a : wise through reflection and experience. b archaic : grave, solemn. 2 : proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment sage advice.

What is Maggi herb?

Lovage ( Levisticum officinale ), like so many other herbs in your own garden, belongs to the umbelliferous family ( Apiaceae ). The lovage is also often referred to as the Maggi herb, as its characteristic flavor is reminiscent of the brown seasoning sauce, even if it does not contain the herb at all.

Is lovage the same as Angelica?

Well, angelica and lovage are different, but equally excellent. Angelica has a bit of an anise thing going on, but it’s no fennel (whose stems you can also candy, incidentally). Angelica is more floral, a little bitter, and a bit carroty. Lovage is like parsley, celery and something sweet all wrapped together.

What is sage called in India?

Sage is called Savia, Salvi Tulsi and Sathi in various regions in India.

Is sage Tej Patta?

Tej patta is a treasure of health benefits. Tej patta or Sage leaf can be found in every Indian kitchen. It adds a great flavor to various dishes.

How do you pronounce lovage herb?

  1. Phonetic spelling of lovage. lo-vage. lo-vage. Norval Heaney.
  2. Meanings for lovage. stalks eaten like celery or candied like Angelica; seeds used for flavoring or pickled like capers. Sonia D’Amore.
  3. Synonyms for lovage. herbaceous plant. Yesenia Schowalter. Herb. Oswaldo Johnson.

How do you spell Lovage?

a European plant, Levisticum officinale, of the parsley family, having coarsely toothed compound leaves, cultivated in gardens.