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What is Fermoy known for?

What is Fermoy known for?

Fermoy, a planned town designed in the 1790s, is renowned for its attraction as an inland fishing centre. Anglers from all over the world come for trout, salmon and coarse fishing.

Why is Fermoy called Fermoy?

Fermoy (Irish: Mainistir Fhear Maí, meaning ‘monastery of the Men of the Plain’) is a town on the River Blackwater in east County Cork, Ireland. The town’s name comes from the Irish and refers to a Cistercian abbey founded in the 13th century.

What river runs through Fermoy?

The Blackwater or Munster Blackwater (Irish: An Abhainn Mhór, The Big River) is a river which flows through counties Kerry, Cork, and Waterford in Ireland. It rises in the Mullaghareirk Mountains in County Kerry and then flows in an easterly direction through County Cork, through Mallow and Fermoy.

What is Fermoy like to live in?

Fermoy is a fine town. Good housing, nice restraunts and pubs. MOst houses within walking distance of town, so no need to drive, hence you can have a drink or two. Not too far if you want to drive to Cork for a day – about 20 mins on tolled motorway.

What is there to do in Mitchelstown?

Best Things To Do in Mitchelstown, Ireland

  • The Ramble Inn. 4.3 (36 Votes) Bar, Restaurant. Address: 3 Baldwin St, Ballinwillin, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, Ireland.
  • Mitchelstown Library. 4.3 (4 Votes) Sutton’s Court Clonmel Road.
  • Indiependence Music & Arts Festival. 52 Upper Cork St.
  • Paddy Power. New Market Square & Lower Cork St.

When was Fermoy Bridge built?

Fermoy Bridge, CARRIGNAGROGHERA, Fermoy, CORK Seven-arch limestone road bridge over River Blackwater, dated 1864 and 1865, and built at site of seventeenth-century bridges and of medieval ferry.

Where is Blackwater Ireland?

River Blackwater, Irish An Abhainn Mhór, river rising in the uplands on the border of Counties Cork and Kerry, Ireland, and flowing 104 miles (167 km) to the sea at Youghal, County Cork. In its upper course the Blackwater flows between uplands and a sandstone ridge with summits above 2,200 feet (670 m).

How many Blackwater rivers are in Ireland?

There are over 70,000 km of waterways in the Republic of Ireland contained in 3,192 river water bodies including rivers, streams, and tributaries….Largest Irish Rivers (by flow)

River (River Basin) Mean Discharge (m³/s)
2 River Corrib 105.5
3 River Bannb 92 (102.5)
4 River Foyle 90
5 River Blackwater (Munster) 87.5

What is a person from Cork called?

Cork is a city in County Cork in Ireland. People from Cork are called Corkonians.

Why is Cork called Cork?

Its name comes from the Gaelic Corcaigh, which means marshy place. n In 1172, after the Norman invasion of Ireland, Cork was surrendered to the English king. Following the English conquest, stonewalls were built around Cork.